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Lay Mroo River Chin Trip

It’s a trip which can offer you excitable and enjoyable natural beauty. The laymro-river is located 7 miles away from Mrauk U. It originates from chin-mountains and peacefully flows North to South.

You can easily see a lot of pebble that is naturally situated under the clean water and can also enjoy living customs of the chin villages with greenish plantations on each sides of the river. If you go upstream along the river originating from the valley of high mountains you’ll reach the chin villages of wonder in which tattoo-ladies can wonderfully be seen. Warm welcoming of the villagers made your heart pleasure and strange feeling. You can unforgettably enjoy coconut water with bamboo pipe, fishing and swimming in the clean water.

The place is the regions of Rakhine State producing fresh fruits and vegetable most. You can see the style of playing of kids and local people cordially welcoming foreigners.

It’s the whole day-trip. You must go to laymro jetty for 45 minutes leaving the hotel you stay early in the morning. And then you must take a engine-boat to village market and the way to chin-village. We give lunch-box to you for eating in the chin traditional villages. We’re waiting for you by car to see sunset at the laymro jetty when you come back

Lark Kauk Zee Quarter, Alodawpyi Street, Mrauk U , Rakhine State, Myanmar